"Minimizing Mining Damage With Manure ...U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) research confirms that the time-tested practice of amending crop soils with manure also can help restore soils on damaged post-mining landscapes.Thousands of acres of land with little or no vegetation, once mined for lead and zinc, remain throughout an area of southwestern Missouri, southeastern Kansas, and northeastern Oklahoma. The mining activities also left behind a legacy of lead-contaminated acidic…

http://rent2own.digimkts.com/ This is AMAZING! buy a home timeline Trees help to slow climate change. They also improve air quality in urban areas. Don't cut down trees for a new home or for yet more agricultural land to feed yet more animals for meat, or for palm oil plantations. Your daily choices (what you buy) affect what happens to trees. More

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During both World Wars, many civilian women took up jobs in agriculture, replacing those men who went to war. The women who worked for the Women's Land Army (WLA) were commonly known as Land Girls. In forestry, Women's Timber Corps were known as Lumber Jills. At the height of the First World War the Land Army had a full-time membership of 23,000 members. The number exceeded 80,000 during the Second World War.

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"Keeps the farms going while the men are fighting" - Join the Women's Land Army. A healthy open-air life. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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As both the largest country in Central America and the least populated, Nicaragua has the opportunity to enforce environmental protection laws and conserve a relatively large amount of natural resources. However, a variety of forces are driving deforestation and rapidly increasing pollution. The conversion of forests to agricultural land (for commercial agriculture and cattle pastures) and substantial logging with little or no government regulation are having a severe environmental impact.

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Fields of salt farms on Kutubdia. Farmers say they changed their land use 10 years ago, when sea water entered the agricultural land, spoiling the crops. Salt farming is more lucrative, the farmers say, but makes for back-breaking and time-consuming work.

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