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Reardon, T. and Timmer, C.P. 2007. Transformation of markets for agricultural output in developing countries since 1950: how has thinking changed? In Handbook of agricultural economics, 3. Agricultural development: farmers, farm production and farm markets, R.E. Evenson and P. Pingali, eds. pp. 2808-2855. Amsterdam, Elsevier Press.


Agricultural Development in the Mekong Basin : Goals, Priorities and Strategies (Paperback)

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The future for agriculture in Africa

AFRIKA - En artikel om future farming in Africa There are good reasons to expect agricultural growth to reduce poverty. Farming tends to be labour-intensive, creating low level, local jobs. Agricultural development raises returns to land, one of the few assets that the many rural poor in Africa have. Moreover, growth of food output should push down the price of staple foods, to the immense benefit of the poor who even in rural areas are overwhelmingly net buyers of food.

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Amazing views from above: See man's impact on the Earth

Agricultural development Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The many farms in the rural country as seen from space


1/20/2016 Austrian Agriculture 48.1914141,16.7793358 Agricultural development surrounds the Austrian villages of Haringsee, Straudorf, and Fuchsenbigl. Of Austria's total area, 80% of land is used for farming and forestry (67,000 square kilometers of 84,000 square kilometers).