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Agricultural Cooperatives I: History, Theory and Problems: Agrekon: Vol 46, No 1

Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos Grecia


An urban gardening project greens Johannesburg rooftops

An urban gardening project greens Johannesburg rooftops. August 2012. In South Africa, the Tlhago Primary Agricultural Cooperative teaches urban youths gardening skills, educates them about climate change, and empowers them to take practical actions.


Urban cooperatives all the rave as #Cuba decentralizes economy There has been an upsurge in the number of non-agricultural cooperatives registered in Cuba in the past three years. This follows a push by the government to make its industries more vibrant and productive as well as shed non-core activities. This is part of the new steps that the government have been taking to improve Cuba...


China Stamps - 1957 , S20 , Scott 330-333 Agricultural Cooperatives - Block of 4 - MNH, F-VF (9033B)

China Stamps - 1957 , S20 , Scott 330-333 Agricultural Cooperatives - MNH, F-VF (90330)

The Wild Horses of the Danube Delta. After the breakdown of the former agricultural cooperatives in 1989, many horses were set free in that region. Many others were let out by their owners to graze illegally in the nearby forest. This combination of circumstances led to a remarkable growth in this population of mixed Hucul-breeds.

AgroSolutions is the consulting subsidiary of agri-environment agricultural cooperative group InVivo. Born from the union of 216 French agricultural cooperatives, InVivo is a major economic player in four major areas: agriculture, nutrition and animal hea…