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India tests nuclear capable Agni V having a range of 5000 plus kilometer.this missile fire through a truck operated fire system as mobile truck

The Vedic god Agni, the god of fire and guardian of the south-east (Painting)

Trichinopoly, India (probably, made) Date: ca. 1820 - ca. 1825. He rides upon a black goat, and his skin is the colour of fire. He is four-armed and four-faced (one is not visible). In two hands he holds a staff and a fire-fan. With the third he holds the reins and the fourth is resting on his chest.

India conducts fourth test launch of Agni-V missile

India delays test launch of Agni-V long-range missile

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How Agni VI is different from Agni V|Agni VI vs Agni V

AGNI-V : India's intercontinental ballistic missile with a reported range of around 8000 kilometres [2200x1434]

Agni-V successfully test fired again #General_Studies #Ballistic_Missile #Agni_5 #UPSC #IAS_Mains_Exam

India Successfully Test-Fires Agni-V #CurrentAffair #Agni_5 #ICBM #UPSC #IAS

Agni V, India’s Most Potent Missile, Successfully Tested in Odisha. Agni 5 has a range of over 5,000 km covering whole of China, from Abdul Kalam island off Odisha coast. #Hindustan360 #Defence #Agni5 #Ballistic #Missile Read More