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Vegan strawberry cheesecake (oil-free)

Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake // dates, almonds, cocoa powder, cashews, strawberries, maple syrup, agar flakes, coconut cream, aquafaba

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Vegan strawberry cheesecake (oil-free)

Raw vegan oilfree strawberry cheesecake #kombuchaguru #rawfood Also check out:

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Heal your gut and reap the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant benefits of these Flu Busting Citrus and Turmeric Gummies. (Paleo and gluten-free)

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Vegan matcha coconut tarts

Vegan Matcha Tea Coconut Tarts // plain flour, oats, desiccated coconut, tapioca starch or cornflour, cacao powder, coconut oil, maple syrup, cashews, tinned coconut milk, matcha powder, agar flakes or powder

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Tim Walker's Panna Cotta

rosehip and borrage flower set in jelly | made by art director Rhea Thierstein and photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italy

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Vegan ginger cheesecakes (oil-free)

Vegan Ginger Cheesecakes // dates, almonds, fresh ginger, maple syrup or brown sugar, cashews, coconut cream, agar flakes or powder, lemon juice, aquafaba, vegan chocolate, candied ginger

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champagne jelly ice cubes

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Vegan strawberry cheesecake (oil-free)

vegan oil-free strawberry cheesecake

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11 Most Exquisite Cheesecakes (You Will Never Believe Are Healthy)

10 Most Exquisite Cheesecakes (That You Will Never Believe Are Healthy)

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Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese - it takes less than 30 minutes to make your own homemade vegan pepper jack. Slices perfectly for an easy app.

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