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Agapanthus Flowers: Tips For Growing Agapanthus Plants

How To Plant Agapanthus And Agapanthus Care - The Agapanthus, commonly referred to as the Lily-of-the-Nile or the African lily plant, is an herbaceous perennial from the Amaryllidaceae family that is hardy in USDA Zones 7-11. This South African native beauty displays large masses of striking blue or white flowers atop a tall and slender stalk. Agapanthus plants reach up to 4 feet at maturity and bloom from June through August.


Another road was broad and fair and full of dancing sunlight, leading over a velvet lawn studded with clusters of Jewel-like flowers....Thomas the Rhymer.


Care for Peace Lilies

How to Care for Peace Lilies Mist the leaves several times a week with a spray bottle. Peace lilies thrive in the high humidity levels of the tropics, so, in addition to watering the soil, regularly mist your lily with a spray bottle to replicate the humid air of the rain forest. Mist your plant more frequently in the summer growing season - the more water you can supply the blooms, the healthier it will be.


Care For Agapanthus In Pots – Tips On Planting Agapanthus In Containers

Agapanthus Container Planting: Can You Grow Agapanthus In A Pot - Agapanthus can be planted directly in the garden, but growing agapanthus in pots is very easy and worthwhile. Click the article that follows to learn more about planting agapanthus in containers and care for agapanthus in pots.


Agapanthus lined drive. A bit like New Zealand in the summer. Agapanthus lining everywhere, just beautiful!