Backstage at ASHISH AW16 by Asia Werbel

Backstage at ASHISH by Asia Werbel. But for a special occasion, totes!

A woman is putting flowers in her hair to challenge how people see Afros.

This Woman Is Using Flowers to Change How People View Afros

creativehoarders: “ dazhaneleah: “ The black power series. Coming sooner than you think ‘Black power is embracing the beauty of being black even though the whole world has taught us otherwise’ quoted from ” Love!

8 Head Wrap Cheat Sheets If You Don't Know How To Tie Them

8 Gorgeous Head Wrap Styles You Can Learn In 7 Steps Or Less

Paola really came through for me with this style! Just because you have short hair doesn't mean your cut should stay hidden!

drawings for tattoos - Pesquisa Google     Her face with the feathers. More of an afro with the hair in combination with the snakes and a mixture of orchids and feathers in the headress.

If you want to turn random people to stone, the best tattoo design for you would be a Medusa themed design. Here are some of the best tattoo designs, drawn by

Gotta start doing this to my brows

Easy 4 step to perfect browsss I recommend using a Mac spiked eyebrow pencil or a NYX Micro Brow Pencil to lightly sketch out the lower eyebrow Easiest guide in my opinion Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Melanin x Color: This Stunning Photo Series Sets Bright Makeup Against Dark Skin

Melanin x Color: This Stunning Photo Series Sets Bright Makeup Against Dark Skin

Most hip-hop or rap artists are generally black or mixed race caribbean or african. This means that they will have curly hair and can be styled like these. I would prefer my models to have a sponge curl haircut.

Curl Sponge Hair Twist Brush Really Works