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Cloying Writers or Readers?

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Of all the creatures ever made, man is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. ~Mark Twain

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The Near Threatened African Leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa. -kc

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Seemples! Leopard surprises safari-goers as it stands on its back legs like a meerkat to stalk its dinner

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South Africa. There's an old saying. "If I could only visit two places on this earth in my lifetime, the first would be Africa, and the second would be, Africa again. So true.

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Animal Art Watercolor Painting Print Leopard, African Animal Painting, Blue Home Decor Wall Art Watercolor Animal - 533

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