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For those interested in hedgies as pets I highly recommend reading this free PDF. It's compiled from many hedgehog owners and breeders on the hedgehog central site. I used it as a guide for picking cat foods for T.

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Housing Temperature : Heating/Cooling - Hedgehog Central – Hedgehog pet care & owner forum

What a lovely looking East African hedgehog! Its face reminds me a bit of a hyrax. And in case you were wondering, yes, this is the species in the picture of a baby in the cup of someone's hand, that looks like an extremely cute stuffed toy. Oakland Zoo

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Prickly problem for animal lover who has adopted 24 mischievous pygmy hedgehogs

oh gosh this picture is so cute. I'm not okay with this lady letting her hedgies roam all over the house, however! So dangerous!

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