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PHOTO South African Express Airways Flight 1113 is damaged by hail while descending towards Kimberley, South Africa. (11-NOV-2016).


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South African Express Airways SOC Ltd, which is also referred to as South African Express or as SA Express, is an airline owned by the state in South Africa. It operates independently of South African Airways (SAA), though the flights are incorporated with SAA under a strategic alliance.


"African Express Airways Boeing 707-330B 5Y-AXI, Nairobi, 21st December 1996." (FB Group "Mostly Propliners some "early " jets)

nice Zuma and the missing crown jewels Who puts half a million rands worth of jewellery in an unlocked bag in cargo and trust South African Airways, South African Express or South African Airlink with it?


SA Airlink is a privately owned airline that links the smaller towns and various regional centers throughout South Africa and beyond. It has a schedule coordination and code-sharing agreements with South African Express and South African Airways.