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Why do kids with autism do that


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Travel. Travel. Travel.

The 9 Best Places to Travel in January

Traveling during the holiday season, when hotel and airline prices skyrocket, can be seriously pricey. But January is the cheapest month of the year to book a vacation (just when you need an escape the most). Here are nine places that are ideal during the affordable travel window.


How to Find Affordable Health Insurance When Self-Employed

Yes, there are affordable health insurance options when you're freelancing. Here's how to lower your health insurance costs, and even avoid a tax penalty, when you're self-employed.


The Cult Cat on


unbelievable-facts: “In looking for affordable life insurance, the Apollo 11 crew had one thing going for them most people didn’t: they were famous and about to become figures in history. People really wanted their autographs. These guys been signing...