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Three Rivers Deep

Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..."

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28 Beautiful Words The English Language Should Steal

I will miss my own gigil-filled daughter every, single day. She will live on in my words and actions to help find a cure, because no mother should lose her reason for gigil.

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Affliction Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary

pronunciation | crip-tO-skO-pO-fil-E-a submitted by | theinvisiblequestion submit words | here note | The word as it appears in the Oxford English Dictionary is spelled cryptoscopophilia, but appears as crytoscopophilia in several other reputable sources.

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Love this word. It's true that looking at the moon conjures up particular feelings, for example it radiates a sort of serene, glowing light which makes you feel peace and a strange feeling of emptiness.

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pronunciation | \a-nOm-E-a\ #anomia, noun, english, forget, names, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, A,

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It’s Only Words..

lalochezia (n.) the emotional relief gained from using profane language #WordPorn

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