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Advert Meaning

These 33 Powerful Images Will Stop You In Your Tracks... And Open Your Eyes.

This is why I try to buy cruelty free as often as I can. Heartbreaking what these animals are put through.

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such a strong and creative advert. we are all looking and whats new and coming out in the different seasons, but what about people who dont have the chance to even get something warm enough for winter? its not a style they are looking for, its anything warm that they can get their hands on. so do something and donate, even clothes you dont use, it can benefit some people so much and mean the world to them.

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Waist Trainers - Lycra,NutrimWaist,Hook and Eye,Machine Washable,Purple, Latex


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Changing the Conversation to Poverty

The call to action and the hook for this PSA is "To many people eat on the streets." What is really interesting about this PSA is that the storm drain is acting as a dishwasher for the plates. The target audience of this PSA could range from adolescent children to the elderly. I feel that the whole point of this PSA is to bring awareness to Poverty.

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Cheryl Cole looks effortlessly elegant in new L’Oreal campaign

Today was the day of my confirmation, which I got confirmed into the Catholic Church Family :) this was how I had my hair, something like it. Also all of a sudden my notifications are booming :D

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"I am not a gay-boy, Cari-Ann. By gay-boy, I assume you are referring to a homosexual, or a male whose sexual preference is for men. As I am not interested in men, I am not a gay-boy."

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