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ADVENTURE TIME #25 Author(s): Ryan North Artist(s): Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb Cover Artist(s): A: Mike Holmes B: Luke Pearson C: Vicky Barker D: Jeffery Brown E: Synopsis Ever have a favorite item? Something that you plan to keep with you always? Something that has a history back further than you can remember? Something precious...cherished...that will continue on after you’ve left on your final adventure and keep continuing. This is the story of that gem, and how truly loved it was.

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Marceline, Princess Bubblegum(PB), Flame Princess, Fionna The Human and Cake The Cat

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Beemo from Adventure Time!

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School Of Adventure Time

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Collection of Adventure Time Fanarts

Collection of Adventure Time Fanarts | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

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Princess Bubblegum

hipster time! by on @deviantART

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Most definitely on the want list!

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Adventure Time #cosplay Simon, Marcy and Marceline <3

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19 Times "Adventure Time" Really Wanted To Make You Cry

I'm on an adventure time spree if you haven't noticed. Oh and CLICK ON THE LINK... I dare you not to cry which is going to be REALLY HARD if you watch the show and actually have grown attached to it, and they call it a kids show...

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