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And now you know what Noah knew; More

We are living in the last days. This is the last world power. God's Kingdom is already ruling in heaven with Christ as King. Satan has been ousted from heaven with his followers. Jesus stands ready to bring to ruin those runing the earth. Rev. 11:18. Learn more now.


At Armageddon, the feet and the rest of the image will be smashed. (Dan. 2:44, 45) Thus, the Anglo-American World Power will still be the dominant world power when Armageddon strikes. How thrilling it will be to witness the complete fulfillment of this prophecy! ♥•.¸¸.•♥ has the bible & bible study aids in 300+ (sign included) languages. These study aids are available to read, watch, listen &/or download.


Catholicism is a world derived religion via pagan delusions cited in 2 Thess 2:9-12 by spiritual debt issues against Christ & His Teachings; The Catholic Church use blood lines on world grounds for deluded justifications therefrom, as opposed to Christ's Blood, & spiritual lines therefrom cited throughout God's Word. Matthew 16:18 has been taken out of context by world theologians guided by such for gross erroneous teachings, leading to spin offs therefrom for new teachings against God's…


Christabel Pankhurst: 1880-1958; Christabel (daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst) advocated the use of militant tactics to win the vote for women in England. Pankhurst, with Annie Kenney, unfurled a banner reading "Votes for Women" at a Liberal Party meeting in 1905. Her action received world-wide attention after they were thrown out of the meeting. The two were arrested and sent to prison. Christabel then directed a campaign that included physical action, hunger strikes, and huge rallies.

from Book of Mormon Translation Challenge

#BOMTC Day 26, May 2~Mosiah 3-4 or Pages 151-155: Glad Tidings of Great JOY

Thats how precious a black sheep is..❤


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth....Genesis 1:1 The Whole World in His Hand - Harry Anderson