Need a visual of the benefits of high-quality early childhood education? The Rasmussen School of Education has got it covered with this infographic.

he Long-Term Advantages of Early Childhood Education Infographic explores the state of early education and its effects on children in the U.

Every behavior has a reason for occurring & is followed by some type of reinforcer. Let's look closer at multiple behavioral functions on the blog! From #theautismhelper

Types of Behavior Function {Why is that behavior occurring

Four Proven Advantages of Online Learning (That are NOT the Cost, Accessibility or Flexibility)

Four Proven Advantages of Online Learning (That are NOT the Cost, Accessibility or Flexibility

The Benefits of Online Courses Infographic outlines the top advantages of online education.

"Helping students make the most of their native strengths and special interests, rather than focusing on trying to correct their deficits or normalize their behavior, is a more effective method of educating young people with atypical minds so they can make meaningful contributions to society."

Neurodiversity Rewires Conventional Thinking About Brains

This poster describes the many benefits of a bilingual education.  There are many cognitive, cultural, economic, and academic benefits when one is a bilingual.  Bilingualism allows one to have a greater cognitive flexibility, it preserves important relationships and identity of ones culture, provides economic opportunity, and more academic success.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Benefits Of Bilingual Education

This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege - a lesson all kids should learn!!!

This Teacher Taught His Class A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

This teacher taught his class a simple, yet powerful lesson about privilege and social mobility. Class privileges do exist in many different aspects of life.

"7 Ways to Teach Your Grade-Schooler Organizational Skills" (#INFOGRAPHIC)

The How to Teach Children Organization Skills Infographic presents some simple lessons to help your grade school child get organized.

Top Advantages of Asynchronous eLearning Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

The Top Advantages of Asynchronous eLearning Infographic outlines the top benefits of asynchronous eLearning. STEM Infographic

What is STEAM

An infographic highlighting the beginnings of the STEM focus in America, the decline in STEM interest, and its recent resurgence as we strive for global competitive advantage through mastery of STEM research and education.

Dyslexia Infographic... I can test for this at the Vision Clinic if you know anyone that is struggling!

What is dyslexia? A great Dyslexia Infographic that debunks some of the common myths about this neurological processing issue.  Ten reasons every teacher should want a web site

I created my first classroom website ten years ago. Here’s a copy of it for you to laugh at courtesy of the Internet Archive Project.

Graphic of 7 ways to teach your high-schooler organization skills

At a Glance: 7 Ways to Teach Your High-Schooler Organization Skills

As your high school child becomes more independent, organizational skills are important. Here are some simple ways to teach organization and prioritizing.