Adult bullies

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An adult bully tries to avoid responsibility for their own behavior by blaming the target (victim) for causing it.

Yes someone called me an easy target once .. I must have been a big threat ..!!

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If the Narcissist see's you as a threat, it's means you will be their next target. They will do their best to break you and turn you into an empty shell.

Or having others come into the picture .. Pinning pins in a group board who's name was mentioned in a negative manner and then "like" the pins .. All documented

Adult Bullies

Adult bullies operate in a set pattern. They are not interested in working things out. They are not interested in compromise. Adult bullies are only interested in power & domination.

If God wants us to love our enemies, how does he expect us to treat those who are merely different from us...

On belittling others - the minute you think you have the right to belittle others because you think you're better than them is the same minute you've proven you're worse.

You should never have to tell another adult to be respectful. Being disrespectful is a narcissistic behavior.

A grown adult with self respect should never have to be talking or in relationships with someone with significant other. Showing disrespect is not only immature, but is a common trait of narcissism. Never tolerate those who are disrespectful.

All bark with no bite. You act suprised when you get bitten.

Lord when they come out of the dog house to bark at the end of their chain. But we gonna keep walking and doing us.

Interesting information and facts on adult bullying. I'm sure a lot of us have come across this once.

What is Bullying?

~Interesting information and facts on adult bullying, its not just kids that get bullied, or are the bullies! Paddling is bullying.