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Soldiers Angels is a place where you can adopt a soldier, write them letters, emails and send care packages with a variety of things that they could use and really enjoy. It's a great way to support those, who support us and give back to someone. Adopt a soldier and make their deployment and holiday season away from home a little bit easier!

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This holiday season, think about you and your family "adopting" a deployed soldier. Some have no one that writes them letters or sends them little gifts. What a great opportunity to share in the Christmas spirit and thank the heroes that defend our country!!

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Project Frontlines is not meant to be a long term commitment but intended to be a one-time or short-term donation(s) to a unit/platoon over on the front lines in remote areas of deployment. This can include letters, cards and/or packages.

"Thanks for your serice" Care Package for military - medium flat rate box! Filled with red, white and blue items for an "adopt a soldier." Made by @krity_cent

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Adopting a soldier is a simple, cheap and amazing way to make someone's day. Writing a latter once a week and occasionally sending a care package makes them so happy and gives them something to look forward to. Follow this link to adopt your soldier and start doing your part for those who do what we aren't. Adopt your soldier today :)

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Adopt A US Soldier Project Frontlines - you can send one care package to a Platoon Adopt A Soldier - assigned one soldier to support during entire deployment

"Donut know how to thank you" Care Package for military - food pun - medium flat rate box - filled with @dollartree coffee mug, breakfast foods and toiletries! Sent to Adopt a US Soldier/Project Front Lines. Made by @krity_cent

You can adopt a soldier at this website. It is great! I have "met" a wonderful and brave young man along with his wife through this program. You put into it as much or as little as you want. It's great!