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I know this is from Torchwood/Doctor Who universe but it's funny in terms of Merlin

How Gaius does medicine xD (Doctor Who- The Doctor Dances, I believe)

Happy 53rd birthday to the best television show in all of time and space! ⭐️ #DoctorWho More

Wouldn't this be annoying to have to update in a couple of years?


David Hockney Tall Black Trees 2008 inkjet printed computer drawing and photo collage on paper, mounted on dibond 93 X 41 Edition: 7

By Risa Rodil

By Risa Rodil

One friend can change your whole life typography quote

Weekly Round Up Of Illustrated Typography Quotes

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Yo, has it been like 10 seconds since I last told y'all how incredibly much I love the Voltron characters and how I could never pick a favourite (expect for shiro whoops)

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The Doctor Who Blu-ray Series 9 Steelbook boxset featuring Alice X. Zhang's exclusive artwork (personally selected by Peter Capaldi) is out now for pre-order. It's a Limited Edition so grab yours before it's gone!

The Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Head of U.N.I.T

That's why the brigadier is my favorite classic companion. With the possible exception of Sarah Jane.