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Love this idea from Delights and Designs… You could easily extend this for more able pupils to contain more word types. Children are encouraged to come up and pick a word from the teacher. They then place the stick in the correct pot. To further extend, they could then pick a word from each cup and create a sentence. Perfect for assessment!

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Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Adjective Lesson

This post is full of so many different ideas for teaching adjectives in the classroom. I like these adjective game, but the fourth activity is my favorite.

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The Verb Game – Students compete to write as many unique verbs that can be associated with a place as possible.

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Adjectives Games

Looking for fun ways to practice adjectives? This Adjectives Games packet contains 12 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice common adjectives, proper adjectives, comparative adjectives, superlative adjectives, and ordering adjectives!

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FOOD ADJECTIVES LIST: Click on the image to get a free printable version. If you're trying to get your children beyond 'yucky' and 'yummy' you could give them this adjective sheet to help them describe what a food tastes like. This can help them move past whether they are supposed to like it or not and focus them on just experiencing and describing it. Let them be food critics!

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Adjective Game! I have, Who Has Adjectives

I have, Who has Adjectives Games. Students build vocabulary and grammar skills with this exciting game as they read and select appropriate adjectives to describe nouns!

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This is a FREE Noun, Verb, and Adjective center activity with a sorting mat, 24 word cards, and a recording sheet. Cute!

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Valentine's Day Adjective Game

This Valentine's Day game is perfect for practicing adjectives! It is a great addition to a literacy center! It includes: -Cover Sheet (to be glued on the front of a large envelope) -Game Board -Rules -36 Game Cards -Score Cards -Answer Key

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