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The Coranians are a drawrven race of beings from Welsh mythology - the adjective form of this name is translated as "stunted" or "dwarfish".


Adjectives {Comparative and Superlative} Order Up! Set #1

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Truly valuable chart…

I want this in poster form. This would also be great for clients who have difficulty expressing what exactly they feel.


Les couleurs – macarons

Colors in French - Les couleurs en français - macarons - fle - vocabulaire


Lexiphanicism (LEX•ih•FAN•ih•siz•im) Noun -The use of excessively learned and bombastic vocabulary or phraseology in a pretentious fashion. -An instance or example of such vocabulary or phraseology. -The habit of using a pompous or turgid style in speaking or writing. -The use of pretentious words, language, or style. Adjective form: Lexiphanic.


♯☻♯ Ríe a carcajadas con memes z, memes divertidos cristianos, anachronism adjective form, memes de pokemon legendarios y frases de humor para adultos. ➣➢➣