ADELE Lands The TIME Magazine Cover

Adele, photographed by Erik Madigan Heck for TIME magazine, December 28 2015 - January 2016 edition.

The British singer discusses the challenge of following up the success of “21,” how motherhood has changed her and why she avoids being a celebrity.

Adele Cries to Her Music, Too

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Adele for Time Magazine | LOLO❤︎

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'You Can't Prepare Yourself': A Conversation With Adele

'You Can't Prepare Yourself': A Conversation With Adele

16.3.16. th2designs. A lucky th2 member watched adele live this week, we are all green with envy!

breathtakingqueens: Adele for Rolling Stone...

Since her chart-topping coronation, the superstar singer has been determined to balance her real life with her record-breaking career. From behind the scenes of her world tour, she opens up about the challenges of motherhood, melancholy, and mega-stardom.

Cover Story: Adele, Queen of Hearts

My favorite song off of her album. Send My Love ( To Your New Lover )

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