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Adele, 25, album review: 'pop doesn't come more perfect than this'

The album cover for Adele's 25... my fangirl game is too strong on this one!

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15 Halloween Beauty Costumes That Begin With a Bold Cat Eye

Pin for Later: 15 Halloween Beauty Costumes That Begin With a Bold Cat Eye Adele

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Breaking Down Adele's "25," Track By Track

Adele's 25: A Song-By-Song Analysis #refinery29

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'It's literally taken my breath away': Adele thanks fans for support

'This feels like such a long time coming': Adele's third album comes after she took a three year hiatus

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Adele's STILL the queen of heartache writes ADRIAN THRILLS

Emotion: Any Adele album is going to have its share of songs that tug at the emotions, and there are times when fans might need hankies at the ready

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Beyonce delays release of her new album until Adele hype dies down

Insiders have told The Sun that The Single Ladies hitmaker wrapped work on her sixth studio album at the end of last year, but she wanted to wait until the 'hype' around Adele's comeback died down.

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Adele on

Adele gives fans heartfelt tweet ahead of the return of her third studio album. #Adele #Adele25

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Life would be so much easier if it was a movie... we could just keep replaying the good parts over and over.

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