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AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahah I'm in a week state.... I didn't even laugh I just opened my mouth and my breath got stuck on the way out... and now I've a pain in my head

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It is not fair that this person has 6 westies and I have ZERO!! West Highland White Terriers & Westie Pups

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Wyatt Kerrigan, 17 (junior). He's the son of a family that owns a lot of hotel chains, Kerrigan Suites; "Helping you sleep a better night". He's a bit of a partier, and comes up with the idea for Hangover Hotel. He is the main love interest for Poppy.

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The originals, Batman, Robin, & the Batmobile. It's great to see that the Batmobile really never shows it's age.

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