Black Adam, one of my favorite villains. Also antagonist to perhaps my all time favorite hero, Shazam!

Black Adam is a super-villain and sometimes anti-hero originally written as the evil counterpart to Captain Marvel,

Black Adam by Alex Ross

Black Adam Alex Ross makes everything beautiful. I want him to draw my reality.

Black Adam. Fantastic super-villain with a cool name and rocking costume.

(Time to go PC, DC and change that to ''Dark Adam'' maybe? Even the Black Smurfs became the Purple Smurfs, so. Thought you'd get in sync with the times, with the ''new there, DC.

Captain Marvel vs Black Adam by on @deviantART

Captain Marvel vs Black Adam by BlondTheColorist on DeviantArt

Title: Black Adam  Forever Evil (DC, 2013 series) #5 [Ethan Van Sciver Black Adam Cover Medium: Comic book

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Black Adam's Throne

This is the Black Adam disambiguation page. Black Adam' is a super-villain and sometimes.

Shazam & Black Adam -

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