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Lost London: Trove of some of the earliest photos ever taken show how Thames has changed in 150 years

The Adam and Eve pub is pictured with three large multi-paned square windows, balconies on all three levels and rickety steps leading down to the shore. The establishment was demolished to make way for the Chelsea Embankment. The pub was famously sketched by the American artist James Whistler, who adopted London as his home. This picture shows how the area was more socially and economically diverse in 1860. In the background Chelsea Old Church is visible

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How to Become an #AnOtherLover

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Adam and Eve, with a Lilith version of the Serpent. Ms. Royal 15 D II f.2 (British Library).

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All sorts of Crafting the Word of God projects. This is a creation wheel (and many others) also, look at: for a collection of religion resources

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The Orchard exhibition by Edwina Bridgeman

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