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Types of Staging | Drama Educational School Posters; UK source for drama posters--is there something in the US?


Set the Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative Writing Worksheet – Set the Scene (PDF) How do you set the scene to write? A glass of wine, a pair of earplugs, a muse card, a writing worksheet? Sounds perfect to me! :) You can find a complete PDF of all of the writing worksheets to date in the Coterie.


Character Thoughts (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

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Villains (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative Writing Worksheet – A Perfect Villain (PDF) There’s nothing quite like a really memorable villain to add drama to a story! Use this worksheet to craft the perfect villain. P.S. You might also like the Love Your Antagonist worksheet!


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Word Roots: Feeling too sleepy to study any more vocabulary? Then make sure to remember this word root and you'll be good to go on test day