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Left Brain vs. Right Brain (Infographic)

It's so weird that I'm right handed so I should have more left side characteristics but I actually have more right! 0_o

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The Complexity of Stage Directions Folks have no idea how complicated it is to remember during blocking...."Down where?" I even tell my family during shows that the best view of the stage is Upper Stage Left, only to have them misunderstand and end up in the very back of the theater on the opposite side. Sigh.

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You lie so much you look permanently cock eyed in your pictures lol

4 Tricks That Can Help You Boost Your ACT Science Test Score

Did you bomb the ACT Science section? If you follow these four ACT Science tips…

The Beauty Of Nature

Guttation is the exudation of tiny drops of sap that accumulate on the tips or edges of leaves and acts as a release valve for excess water pushed up from the roots. #Plant_Physiology #Guttation

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The concept of an “open throat” when singing may be baffling for new and aspiring singers. Read more at:

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Which science classes will you be required to take in high school, and what will you learn in them? Which science subjects will colleges expect you to have studied, and how can you impress them by exceeding expectations? Read this guide to learn about standard science curriculum, AP and IB science courses, college expectations, and ways you can exceed those expectations and use your high school science classes to strengthen your transcript.