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Writing Scenes – The Importance of Cause and Effect


“The Hen’s Walk:” An Easy Reader for Kids to Make Based On Rosie’s Walk!

Act out Rosie's Walk by taping children's pictures from their little books to the chairs and other furniture.


Writing prompt: So what's wrong with protecting my Nana's horse from that distant ILLEGAL perfume that just wanted a son? #freedomtowrite #celebrationwriters #gocomanchecherokee Yep, I'm gonna finish writing it, I bet they got the story WRONG! :D


Bestseller Books Online Dissecting The ACT 2.0: ACT TEST PREPARATION ADVICE OF A PERFECT SCORER or ACT TEST PREP WITH REAL ACT QUESTIONS Rajiv Raju, Silpa Raju $9.91 -

Taking a standardized test soon? These are great words for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and much more!

Yoga Posters and Journal for Brain Breaks

Yoga can be a great break from the classroom routine or can also be a great way to use your Physical Education time! This product includes 14 posters in color (and black and white), a yoga journal, a book list, and teacher tips for use. Namaste!


Jack and the Beanstalk Spiral Paper Plate Craft


ACT Prep Red Book - 320 Math Problems With Solutions: The Most Effective Strategies Ever Discovered

Dr. Steve Warner - ACT Prep Red Book - Available on Amazon: :