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An Inspector Calls - Key Quotations “You’re squiffy” – Sheila to Eric (Act 1) • Shows Eric/ Sheila’s brother/ sister relat...

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Good Manners-Not only will you sound more refined, it is polite to act as if this person is more important than you and you are requesting them, not acting as if they are yours to order around.

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Make Trouble (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Make trouble for your characters or your characters will make trouble for you.

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Character Thoughts (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

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"Don't write action scenes. Write suspense scenes that require action to resolve." John Rogers

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Creative Writing Worksheet – Set the Scene (PDF) How do you set the scene to write? A glass of wine, a pair of earplugs, a muse card, a writing worksheet? Sounds perfect to me! :) You can find a complete PDF of all of the writing worksheets to date in the Coterie.

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