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Herdwick sheep were probably introduced by Norse settlers during the Viking invasions (10th-11th c.). The husbandry of the sheep has been a large factor in shaping the culture & terrain of the Lake District. Beatrix Potter was involved with breeding Herdwicks & bequeathed 15 farms to the National Trust. Per her instructions all continue to graze Herdwick flocks.


verb shaker - cool idea! for the littles, could use as a whole group activity. someone read a word, someone put it into a sentence? maybe?


Vocabulary Work - For the activity, I tossed vocabulary words in a lunch bag. Kids flicked the game spinner, then pulled out a word. Once they had their word, the fun began! Students act, draw, rhyme, or define their word. They might also have to put it in a sentence, name what part of speech it is, or give a synonym or antonym for it. It's a game of chance!


Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains


Beachy Keen Learning Ideas

Spanish activities: This idea could be used to practice Spanish verbs - kids toss the ball to each other and act out the verb their thumb is touching. Spanish vocabulary could include: saltar, sentarse, correr, llorar, cantar, bostezar, bailar, etc.