Don't miss out the practical guide to better sleep! The 10 infographics will solve your sleep problems in an unexpected way.

10 Infographics That Will Help You Sleep Better Effortlessly

10 Ways to Make the Start of Your Day Positive - Acting Mama I need to start doing this . Hate getting up late starts the day off rubbish .

Eight Videos That Explain What Dyslexia Is Like - "Peek into the experience of dyslexia—from brain function to celebrities’ take on it, and more..."

Through Your Child’s Eyes

Apps to Help Students with Dysgraphia and Writing Difficulties Technology can be a great tool for students (and adults!) who have learning disabilities like dysgraphia or dyslexia that affect their writt.

Creating an Assessment Unit: Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) Units

The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA):Less Commonly Taught Languages

The Truth about Cell Phones and the National Do Not Call Registry

Good information on the new FTC branding guidelines -- something to always be aware of when working with online influencers and media outlets that run promoted content and ads (updated December

Digital History..oh my where do I begin? The site contains resource guides for historical eras and topics. Each includes a historical overview, links to the relevant Digital History textbook chapters, bibliographies, classroom handouts, charts, chronologies, film guides,historic newspaper articles, primary source documents, lesson plans, historic maps, music, cartoons, quizzes, and images. {interactive} NICE

UH - Digital History broad-ranging site on US history, including primary documents, timelines, a broad range of subtopics, etc.

With the Act! Database customized for Mortgage Professionals, store basic Contact details for Borrowers and Co-Borrowers, their personal information and employment information.  Identify if they are an active Borrower, referral information, any watch rates or dates, their pre-qualification details, and it can calculate a quick income ratio with max payment.

With the Act! CRM for Mortgage Brokers you will be able to keep multiple transactions for your customers. Each transaction will contain the Property Address, loan information, loan details, and store key dates for the loan in process.

With the Act! Database customized for Residential Real Estate, store basic Contact details and personal information.  Identify if they are an active buyer, their timeframe, motivation and referral information. You can also specify what the buyer's criteria is in a property search.

Real Estate CRM Software designed for residential real estate professionals, Real Estate Database for ACT CRM helps you take control of your business and manage your client relationships.

Structuring Your Novel IPPY Award 165

Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story (Helping Writers Become Authors Book

Pergola with fire pit.  I love the wall behind the pit.  The pavers bring it all together and makes it look like a cozy room.<< Thats what you gathered from this?

Where’s the Oscar // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Double pin, too funny and too true. This man gave them blood!

Calculate Your Lean Body Mass! Free Calculator - REMEMBERS: For leaner Keto fat limit is calculated by half your LBM pounds, then convert the resulting number to Kilograms.

Calculate Your Lean Body Mass!

Your lean body mass is the amount of weight you carry on your body that isn't fat. The goal of any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast is to drop weight while keeping your lean body mass the same. Find out how to calculate your LBM right here!

"Fireproof" - Christian Movie/Film on DVD/Blu-ray from Sherwood Pictures. #christianmovies Check out Christian Film Database for more info -

Fireproof - Christian Movie/Film DVD, Blu-ray, Sherwood Pictures, Kirk Cameron

Fireproof - Christian Movie/Film on DVD/Blu-ray from Sherwood Pictures. Check out Christian Film Database for more info - www.

doodles and sketches

doodles and sketches