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Diagnose ANY Arterial Blood Gas in 5 Easy Steps: Get it Right, Every Single Time!

Diagnose ALL arterial blood gases (ABG) in 5 easy steps and get it right, every single time! Nursing made easy! I literally have to go thru this process and write it all down everytime. But hey, it works!

What you need to know about electrolytes - click for more tips on staying balanced

Electrolytes 101 + Homemade Sports Drinks

Many sporty people drink sport drinks. But what makes them categorized as "sports drink"? Sport drinks usually have electrolytes in them, here are the roles of electrolytes and how it affects our body.

Blood INR Range Chart

40+ Gift Ideas for Nurses That Are Uniquely Awesome


20+ Cute and Original Gifts for Nurses

Here are some great nursing gift ideas for nurses! Be it Christmas or any nurse holiday. Lets take a look at the list of the best 40 gift ideas you can buy for a nurse:

Learn all about the electrolytes you'll need to know for your nursing exams with our quick cheat sheet!

Learn all about the electrolytes youll need to know for your nursing exams with our quick cheat sheet!

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in December 2004 & prescribe Atenolol for control.  I'm so happy that I was introduced to Mangosteen juice ~ I no longer need medication & I help others get healthy

High Blood Pressure Medications and You: Infographic. How various hypertension drugs work.

Cardiac Dysrhythmias CheatSheet

Cardiac Dysrhythmias CheatSheet

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