The knee is the most common victim of overuse injury. Let us discuss some yoga asanas that work for knee pain or you may say, yoga for knee pain.

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YOGA SEQUENCE TO LOTUS POSE: I tore my ACL in 2009, got it reconstructed & lotus was just out of the question. After almost 3 years of practice I can now do lotus comfortable & hands free. Takes a lot of patience & dedication but here are my tips to opening your hips for lotus. Please warm up with Sun salutes Those extra stuff - foam roll too Times are just guidelines - 1. WIDE KNEE CHILD's POSE Think butt to heels, belly melts down, extension to the spine. One day your chin & chest will be…

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Nutrition routine for injury recovery
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#Knee Strength & #Recovery #Workout Strengthen your knees and help to prevent pain YOUR HEALTH - Community - Google+

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Some common knee pain causes. Some cheery news on your pain -_- it's probably an injury, not soreness

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