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tomboyknits: Unicorn Farts Rainbow Yarn Tutorial- she uses Koolaid but it will work great with Dharma or Jacquard Acid Dyes too for more wash fast colors

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Dyeing: Overdyeing with acid dyes on wool

keeping a yarn dyeing notebook, with mathematical formulas for dyeing consistent colors using acid dyes

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Dyes for Wool, Silk, Nylon, & Other Animal Fibers

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This poster shows all of the colors available in Dharma Trading Co. Acid Dye line. Due to the popularity of our Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye poster, it seemed natural to add in this Acid Dye poster for your additional enjoyment.�All 82 colors are included, the poster measures 17" x 22"

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This is the best use of a Mason jar I've seen on Pinterest. Solar dyeing wool with acid dyes summer heat from Jazzturtle

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Create your own bright or subtle variegated yarns and rovings with this easy technique.

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