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Abyssinian Kitten - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pedigree cat and was one of those exhibited at the very first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871. It is generally agreed that this breed originated in Egypt, and certainly the ticked coat pattern would have been the perfect camouflage for wild cats living in the dry, scrubby North African habitat.

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Maine Coon Beauty - 2nd January 2016

Check out the awesome face on this kitty…and what a fabulous tail !

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Oh my gosh adorable! There's so many crazy cute pictures of these two abyssinian kittens here!

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Abyssinian Mama and Kitten there there Darling it's all going to be ok Mama loves you always

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Abyssinian kittens... If we ever decide to get a cat, I'm almost positive this will be it. They behave more like dogs than cats - some will even play fetch!

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