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Paint and Water Make Unbelievably Ethereal Abstract Photos

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Aglow: This photo represents Aglow. The neon light signs in the back are blured out using a low DOF. The lights glow is shown as a reflection in the street.

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Sunsets look like stained glass art when captured through shattered mirrors

Have a broken mirror, as a symbol of was the world may see and then have a mirror that is beautiful and has portions of scriptures of what God sees when he looks at us.

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Stunning Composite Photographs Of Cityscapes Contemplate The Geometry Of Paris And Berlin

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40 Inventive Examples of Abstract Photography

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i love this image! i think for me to recreate this i could project onto a surface and reflect it in different shaped mirrors. I'm not sure it would quite have the same effect but this would look amazing. spoon by Manfred on Fotoblur | Abstract Photography

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