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Abraham Lincoln Childhood

President Lincoln's childhood home in Kentucky. (this is a reconstruction of the cabin . . . . the original cabin fell to pieces decades ago)


Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Abraham Lincoln Interactive Reading

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - Abraham Lincoln Interactive Comprehension.Learn about Abraham Lincoln while practicing essential reading skills including main idea, context clues, vocabulary, and text features.Topics covered:* Abraham Lincoln's childhood* Abraham Lincoln as president* The Civil War* The End of Slavery* Remembering Abraham LincolnStudents will:* Read each page about Abraham Lincoln, using context clues to fill in the missing information. * Determine the main idea and choose the correct…

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David A. Adler


This title is suitable for ages toddler and upwards. This story introduces the most memorable events of Lincoln's life: his childhood in Indiana, his leadership during the Civil War, and his writing of the Emancipation Proclamation.