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15 Wonderful DIY ideas to Upgrade the Kitchen 13


decorating above kitchen cabinets {10 ways}

cabinets not reach the ceiling? wondering how to decorate above them? sharing 10 easy ways to decorate above kitchen cabinets! from farmhouse to classic styles, baskets to signs, there's something for everyone!


How to Add Shelves Above Kitchen Cabinets

Create an attractive display shelf for the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. This project requires only basic carpentry skills, and you can build it in a day.


If all you have is a living space with a kitchen at one end then make it a fabulous kitchen. This one looks like a piece of art at the end of the room


7 Things to Do with That Awkward Space Above the Cabinets


5 Ways to Use the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Finding storage when you’re renting can sometimes be a challenge, as many apartments have smaller kitchens and limited pantry space. Once a haven for dusty faux plants, renters are discovering new ways to take advantage of that often overlooked space!