Above ground garden

Above Ground Gardening -

Table top gardening with raised beds. With hard surface around beds great for wheelchair accessibility.

Above ground garden; this shape makes it easier to walk around to each plant

Clever raised bed garden idea, gives you walking space to get to all the plants. Good idea to use solar lights too

Creating A Potted Herb Garden

Creating A Potted Herb Garden

Beth Beverly, "Immortalized" contestant transforms dead animals into beautiful works of art. "I don't see other people w.

Above ground garden

13 Unique DIY Raised Garden Beds

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Above ground garden planter... instructables.com/id/Waist-High-Planter-Box/

Waist High Planter Box

Waist High Planter Box: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Nylon and wire netting protection from rabbits and pigeons on plastic supports above raised bed

I have all this, just a matter of installing it here. won't use it on the blues this year, so have all the parts. Nylon and wire netting protection from rabbits and pigeons on plastic supports above raised bed

When I have a yard I totally plan on building some above ground gardens! This looks like a good design :)

12 Raised Garden Bed Tutorials

Galvanized steel raised bed - another great raised garden bed idea. For when I can actually grow stuff outside again!

Self watering

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Plants - Water Plants with a Soda Bottle

Creative re-use idea: Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant. Consider this idea for a raised bed or container plant to help release water slowly, as needed.

Strawberry growing idea maybe it'll work with blackberries? inside of the…

How to Grow Strawberries in Rain Gutters

above ground garden - fill cinder blocks with soil for stability, cap with flat concrete rectangular bricks or plant herbs / flowers in open holes

How to-Raised Victory Garden Bed. Like this idea a lot. You can plant in the brick holes as well. Perhaps beneficial plants/flowers?

Many pallets recycled into a huge above ground garden

The Most Beautiful 101 DIY Pallet Projects To Take On - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.