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The Best Resale Websites You Should Know About

If i was a rich girl, that would soooo be me! You can tell she is rich based on her shopping bags


"I never got to know my father," she said softly, "but I heard he was a great man. People in the village tell stories about the bravery of him and my brother in hushed whispers." He took her shaking hand. "Well in that case," he replied, " they are immortal and have reached a near god-like status. If people still tell their story their name and spirit shall live on forever. You should be very proud."

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13 YA Debuts to Have on Your Radar This Year

All you need for a perfect Winter day is a warm beverage, a cozy nook, and a good book, and we're serving up enough hot new reads for an entire season of perfection. Here are more than 200 books we've included in our monthly book club roundups (plus some


Oh my God, this makes me shake my head, and yet there was a doctor who hypothesized just this. For a few tidbits about this "syndrome" see