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I love this beautiful painting and it's perspective of Jesus on the water .Love how you can see his bare feet on the waters surface with his sweet hand reaching down -ALWAYS. It reminds me of a poem I loved as a teenager. It was about acknowledging the hand that pulls you up.


gandhi - So true, us Christians need to remember that Jesus was anti religious it's about the relationship and love not hate and judgement


This is so true.I was in a major car accident about 5 years ago.Before the accident I was always an go go go type of person.I really never thought about anybody else or what I might be missing.Now I am disabled and I look at life in a different perspective.I have found God and Jesus Christ as my savior.I love to help people in any way I can.Yes I live with pain everyday but now I know what I have been missing.I have forgiven the drunk driver and I thank God for changing my life.Life is…


❥ As a man thinks in this heart, so is he... get your mind off your problems and focus on the God who is able to meet your every need.


Be Still My Soul

“It was said of Jesus that He ‘increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,’… [And that] He ‘went about doing good; for God was with him.’ Do we have the determination to do likewise? My prayer is that we may follow in His footsteps.” –Thomas S. Monson, LDS General Conference


Interesting blog about how different “religions" view Jesus. No mater what your theology, don't you love this artist's idea of how Jesus might interact with a little child?