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15 books about Egypt for children

15 books about Egypt for children


25 Cool Facts To Teach Your Kids About Egypt!

You can teach your children about exotic places without ever leaving your home. Start with these 25 fascinating facts about Egypt.


All About Ancient Egypt

Worksheets: All About Ancient Egypt-to start off the year in SS, how much do they remember about Egypt, before we go on to Greeks


Abyssinian Kitten - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pedigree cat and was one of those exhibited at the very first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871. It is generally agreed that this breed originated in Egypt, and certainly the ticked coat pattern would have been the perfect camouflage for wild cats living in the dry, scrubby North African habitat.


Ancient Egypt Informational Text Posters

This series of 9 Informational Text Posters written in simple language will help your students learn basic facts about various topics of Ancient Egyptian history. Key vocabulary is highlighted in bold text, so students can identify the content words. Topics include: King Tut Cleopatra Egyptian Pyramids The Great Sphinx Hieroglyphics Mummies Sarcophagus Camels Ancient Egyptian Cats I've also included a cover page and a scavenger hunt.