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Photo: Abandoned house in Detroit

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Abandoned Mansion; just what I need love the whole spookiness the old furniture adds in + the light too...

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Baron Hill Mansion, Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. Originally built in 1618, the mansion and gardens have been abandoned since World War II.

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The abandoned Château de Carnelle was designed for André Philippe Alfred Regnier, Duke of Massa, in 1875 by renowned architect Hippolyte Destailleur. It is located on the edge of the forest Carnelle, in the Île-de-France region of France. This land was originally given to the monks of Saint-Denis by Charles V; eventually, the Duke of Massa, childless, donated his estate to the city of Paris and it was converted into a sanatorium in 1930. The castle was finally closed in 1992.

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Abandoned In the Asturias region of northern Spain. Glad the cow has such a tame lawn for feeding on.

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Abandoned mansion in Saint-Petersburg, Russia | by

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