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I am a Christian myself but I disagree with what that guy did.... just wanted to clarify. I thought this was cool though.

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Abaddon Although Abaddon is conventional portrayed as male, Supernatural breaks that as Abaddon is a woman, and a 'Knight of Hell'. (Supernatural Wiki, 2013)

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Community Post: This Game Of MASH Will Determine What Your “Supernatural” Life Would Be Like

This Game Of MASH Will Determine What Your “Supernatural” Life Would Be Like: I marry Castiel <3 My best friends are Ellen and Jo. My worst enemy is Abaddon. My mentor is Ellen. I get around in the Impala. I die by a witch planting a hex bag in my house.

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Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) is now known as the Queen of Hell in the show. She was also known as one of the knights of hell, so she's essentially the only survivor. I believe Abaddon should be the Queen of Hearts. This demon is very powerful and has different abilities such as superhuman strength, reading minds through her true form, sending a demon back to hell just by one touch, etc.

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Community Post: Which "Supernatural" Woman Are You?

I got Charlie Bradbury! Which "Supernatural" Woman Are You? (I got Ellen the first time but changed a few close answers for interest's sake and got Charlie)

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