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How to Use an Abacus to Teach Kids Math

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Abacus - Place Value - Hundreds, Tens and Ones Worksheets / Printables

Abacus - Place Value There are 24 Worksheets used to teach children about hundreds, tens and ones on an abacus. Details provided below Write the number that is

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Mental Math for Kids. Learning to be a Human Calculator. The benefits of learning right brained mental math and great ways for your kids to learn.

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Make Your Own Abacus!

DIY abacus using large flat lolly sticks for the frame, thin round lolly sticks for the rods and pony beads to count with

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Want To Help Your Child Be A Whiz With Numbers?

Do you have a math whiz that loves to play with numbers or a child that needs a little extra help mastering their math facts? Either way, math apps are a great way to encourage your child's learning and progress. We've found The BEST Math Apps for Kids that are sure to engage them in ways that make getting an education fun! The Best Math Apps for Kids.

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