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Printable No-Equipment At-Home Workouts

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30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge

30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge Chart| starting this today, with a few modifications. I added in daily overhead presses and 15-30 minutes on the rowing machine!


Combat Medic Workout - When there is a "man down" situation you just need to spring into action without a second thought. It's all about the training, the core and the abs, the quads and biceps, the ability to make your body work like a well-oiled, highly trained machine. The Combat Medic workout does the fitness bit, you now need to get yourself through Med School.

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Iconic Fitness Model Lyzabeth Lopez's Best 44 Fitness Pics Gallery!

This is excellent for the lower abs and core! **you must have a strong low back, and know how to engage the core to do this, as it is a more advanced movement


ab workout 20min bike Reverse crunches Russian twist Leg raise Side machine crunch Crunches Heel touch Knees raise 15 reps 3 sets each exercise. ///////////////////Hey guys, you all ask me about how I got my abs? here some of my fav ab workouts that I do 3-4 times a week. || Side crunch machine 15/3 each side || Leg raise on parallel bars 15/3 || Russian twist 15/3 || Crunches 25/3 || V crunch 15/3 || Heel touches 15/3 + healthy diet of course!!! (I'll write about my diet tomorrow)