Mercy (horns) Suddenly, Minttu

So this post has been making some serious rounds lately and I’ve had to block tons of asshole comments sadly and I wanted to thank everyone showing love for Talaari! a quick sketch between work stuff - the Antaam-saar armor is ridiculous but also.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e ~ Race Design ~ Aasimar by on @DeviantArt

So I was flipping through the edition dungeon master& guide, and I came across a chapter on adding player options. The Aasimar was included as an example, so I made it a bonafide player race f.

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Aerondor's characters Pathfinder Society: The Official Myth Weavers Chapter

RPG Female Character Portraits

RPG Female Character Portraits tiefling fighter with rapier - possibly for DnD / Parthfinder very cute with horns and tail.