The new A2B electric bikes from HERO Eco!

The electric bikes are back with speeds of up to 28 mph and stated ranges of up to 40 miles! HERO Eco Group recently acquired the bike line and they

Octave A2b Electric Bike - A cool and functional bike for commuting to workplace or fun .. #a2b #bike #electric

A2B Electric Bike: The 1st Electric Bicycle

Commute to work or cruise around the city with the ever trendy and well made Octave of electric bike.

A2B Electric Bike Ultra Motor

A2B Electric Bike: Ultra Motor Introduces New Electric Bike to U.S. Market

Inspiration - A2B Electric Bikes

Choose from a range of electric bikes with elegant, intelligent designs and impressive performance. Electric bikes to redefine your journey.

Ultramotor A2B Electric Bike Product Review -Asheville, NC

BioWheels has been playing with electric bikes for some time now.

A2b Electric Bike

Buy Ferber new metallic blue battery electric bike bicycle unisex at online store

Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike....incredible

Black Friday 2014 Lithium Ion 7 Speed Electric Bicycle By Ultra Motor **Upto 40 Miles on a Charge from Ultra Motor Cyber Monday

The 2015 A2B Electric Bikes: Galvani, Ferber, Octave, Kuo+, & More! [VIDEO & PICS]

has been hard at work bringing new models to their line up as well as adding some new features to their current e-bikes. For they are launching the

Policeman on A2B electric bike. By the looks of it #happierthanacar

Policeman on electric bike.

Guests from Peebles Hydro trying out some A2B electric bikes.

Guests from Peebles Hydro trying out some A2B electric bikes.

A2b Electric Bike Review

The Alva + is ready to hit the open road! This bike features a 500 watt direct drive rear hub motor, lithium ion battery, wi.

A2b Electric Bike

Buy Metro Electric Bicycle Motor- Used But Never Abused!