Absolutely incredible cinematography in "The testament of youth". Each frame feels like a poem.

Camera is subjective Part of the scene, a character Wide lensing close up. Suffocating at times. Build tension through movement Low key, low contrast

Vera Brittain: They'll want to forget you. They'll want me to forget. But I can't. I won't. This is my promise to you now. All of you.

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testament of youth, letter from Vera to her brother

testament of youth, a testament of youth. It's more painful when you realise that Vera thinks that Victor's eyes are the most distinctive about him.

Alicia Vikander (Vera Brittain) & Kit Harington (Roland Leighton) - Testament of Youth (2015) directed by James Kent

Alicia Vikander (Vera Brittain) & Kit Harington (Roland Leighton) - Testament of Youth directed by James Kent

I also watched this and i liked it but i didnt LOVE it...obviously cause he dies and they dont get together but jon snow! And alicia vikander who has been my lady crush for awhile now!

Testament of Youth: Vera Brittain's clothes

Kit Harington (Roland Leighton) & Alicia Vikander (Vera Brittain) - Testament of Youth directed by James Kent

prome still, colin morgan in a testament of youth as victor richardson

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